Best Holiday Games for iPhone in 2010

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you probably know that the season of games is upon us. More apps are released in November and December than at any other time of the year. Variations on classic games, brand new games, and games that are a combination of both enter the App Store and seem to bolt to the top.

There are already many holiday inspired iPhone games that are attracting attention. Here are 5 of the crowd favorites:

Jive Turkey Shoot: In this classic shooter-style game, Thanksgiving takes over and the only way to stop it is to shoot the items down! The goal is to accurately shoot turkeys, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, leaves, and other fall inspired items. The level of difficulty depends on what level of the game you are on – and as the difficulty rises, so does the number of objects you must shoot. Take your time though; inaccuracy in shooting lowers your score. The player with the highest score wins.

Snowy’s Christmas Pinball: Snowy the snowman is the main character in this action packed pinball game. Like any traditional pinball game, the object is to obtain the highest score by flipping the ball as many times as possible without it falling beyond your reach. There are some holiday twists and turns to this game though – Scrooge will try to steal the ball, and Santa can lose it as well. Flip your way to a high score in this Christmas themed classic.

Santa’s Run: Everyone knows that Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve, but what happens when there simply isn’t enough time? In Santa’s Run, help Santa deliver presents to the children worldwide before Christmas Eve is over! Fly through the night sky and distribute presents to the houses before you run out of time. Difficulty advances as the game progresses and the time flies by faster and faster. Help save Christmas and fly your way to the high score.

Triazzle Holiday: A variation of the popular app, Triazzle Classic, Triazzle Holiday is a puzzle game in which a player has to complete a 9 piece triangular jigsaw puzzle by twisting, turning, and otherwise manipulating the pieces. So what’s the catch? The pieces look so similar it is hard to tell what goes where! In this holiday version, all the puzzles are pictures of holiday themed things. Flip, twist, and devise your way through each puzzle as they get harder by the level.

Christmas with Weezer: This Christmas themed game is a touch-screen lover’s delight. Similar to the popular game “Dance Dance Revolution,” players tap and shake their devices to the holiday sounds of the popular band, Weezer. A true delight for anyone, this game is the perfect marriage of Christmas spirit and popular culture. The player with the highest score wins.

Lessons on Cyber Monday Morning

Where you are in your career or where your business and who you are as a person today is exactly where you and the business are supposed to be. Decisions you made yesterday, last month or last year determine where you are now. Steps you didn’t take kept you from being on firmer ground.

All the foolishness of Black Friday with its throngs fighting for “deals” they can easily get December 15 through Christmas shows the lemming-like march of retail and reliance on a consumer economy. I held only one garage sale in my life and learned a valuable lesson. When someone walked up the driveway, to a person there was determination to make a buy. They did not want to leave without a purchase, so I quickly set up a ‘collectible’ table of junk. On this table was stuff we would have tossed in the trash or at best given to Goodwill. You know the Superman glass or milk mug the kids drank from, free wine glasses given as part of membership in a paperback book club, old sports gear, worthless tools… anything with a $1 or 50₵ price tag. My junk flew off that table faster than you can imagine.

So, what can we learn from hysteria marketing like this past weekend? The weak economy is not responsible for your performance any more than are business cycles or phases of the moon. Sure, things are more difficult today than five years ago, but look at others in your profession or industry. If they’re doing better than you, what do they know you don’t? Many millionaires were made last year running businesses started less than five years ago. They are not just lucky. They know their product, their target customers, and aggressively close sales.

My first technology company developed a unique product that amazed everyone in the industry, yet it sold very few units. There simply wasn’t a real or perceived need. Domino’s sells convenience, not pizza. Premium time piece makers sell jewelry and status, not watches. What do you sell? What is your customer/client buying? Customer needs or wants determine your product. Either you have a product few people want or need or your product is positioned poorly in the marketplace. Perhaps your faulty product message is responsible for poor sales.

Why does WD-40 sell so well? The manager of a local Home Depot told me WD-40 is the single most sold item in his inventory. WD-40 never changes other than size or container. It has more uses than a soybean and every home has some. Far from being the best lubricant, WD-40 is easy to use and familiar to us all. The company’s web site lists 2000+ product uses.WD-40 has inspired a SPAM (canned ham) type following of dedicated users and people just having fun with the brand. I even got a giant container of WD-40 as a gift a few years ago, a most useful and thoughtful gag gift if there ever was one.

A couple of decades ago I met someone who asked me to invest in a superior lubricant, something that would do more things much better than WD-40. The manufacturer explained the science and displayed charts galore to convince me how superior his product was. What he didn’t understand was most of the WD-40 sales then and now are to people very satisfied with the product as is and there was no way I would consider going against public opinion as strong as the legion of WD-40 users.

So, what are you doing to develop your brand and customer loyalty? Remember today’s market is the iPad generation. iPad… a product with no reason to exist other than people like it. Wow, they really do like it. Buyers today do not generally care how something is made. Nor do they care what the features and benefits are, or care anything other than what they can do with it. Does your product make them money? Enhance their love life? Let them live longer? Products selling today fall into one of those categories and if a product has enough cachet, the buyer forces a square peg product into one of those round holes.

Today the customer is King or Queen… they have the wallet and determine how the money or plastic is spent to get what they want. Think of the thousands of people doing what you are doing, selling comparable products or services and making big bucks. How are they doing it and you are not. Think about it and if you cannot figure it out buy time from somebody who can. Today’s market is just as vibrant as ever for the top sellers.

If the economy is so bad, why did hoards of manic shoppers leave turkey and family behind to storm retailers on Thanksgiving Day in prelude to Black Friday? Why were so many people fighting, literally, to lay out hard earned bucks for the next generation iPhone or the newest $300 Air Jordans? Our economic pie is ever expanding; the marketplace and consumer mindset is what is changing. It is your job to learn how to deal with these changes.

Lose Your Potbelly Fast – Increase Metabolism Naturally With 3 Healthy Tips

You probably sometimes feel that your potbelly snuck up on you. You didn’t really notice it until it was too late! Not to worry, it’s never too late. If you learn how to increase metabolism naturally, you will lose your potbelly, stomach fat or belly fat fast. All you need is a healthy and effective weight loss method that’s easy to follow.

Avoid doing these. They don’t work to lose your potbelly nor increase metabolism naturally.

Despite its popularity, the low carb diet is too stringent to follow and it robs you of energy. As a result, this diet puts you in a miserable, sour mood.

The low fat diet has been touted for many years, but people are still getting fatter. Why? Because people on this diet feel deprived and go crazy with “low fat” foods that are packed with calories and sugar.

Unfortunately, the low calorie diet slows down your metabolism. Though you will lose some weight early on, it eventually leads to a weight loss plateau before you reach your goal. At a certain point, you just can’t seem to lose any more weight.

As you can see, any diet that leaves you hungry, tired and deprived is set up to fail!

Instead, do the following. These 3 simple and healthy tips will increase metabolism naturally, and help lose your potbelly fast.

  1. Everyday, eat 4-6 healthy meals with equal intervals. This increases your metabolism which in turn makes you lose weight faster. Counter intuitive? Yes, but true!
  2. Make an effort to switch to unprocessed or slightly processed lean proteins like turkey breast, chicken and fish. Eating these types of foods increases your metabolic rate as the body is forced to burn more fat to digest them.
  3. Rev up your metabolism even faster by exercising. To lose 5-10 pounds, perform regular to moderate exercise like brisk walking and swimming, a minimum of 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes a day. But if you need to lose a whole lot more weight, high intensity exercises will do the trick.

How did you end up with a potbelly anyway?

Let’s face it: We have become a country of couch potatoes (aka sofa spuds). We would rather watch TV than workout. We prefer to spend time nurturing a relationship with the Blackberry, iPhone or iPad than exercise. Poor diet, fast food, ineffective weight control, stress, genes, age and a sedentary lifestyle… they are all big contributors to the obesity problem.

Want to find out more?

How much longer are you going to carry that unhealthy potbelly around?