Internet Work Programs – Do You Want To Be Suckered By A Slimy Sales Job? Get The Top Four To Avoid

The Four Top Internet “Work From Home” or “Start your business Programs” to avoid? The few minutes it will take you to read this short article can save you thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of un-productive work, and a world of pain!

1. Run from: Anything which involves you plowing through your family and friends!

My wife recently talked to an old friend. She was very glad to hear from her friend, until “The Pitch” started… On and on she went. Did it end the friendship? It didn’t help, that’s for sure. If you have to pitch friends and relatives, stay away from it!

2. Run from: Multi-Level Marketing.

Some people call these Ponzi schemes. They are not, but they have problems. I have never worked so hard in my life as I did trying to make money in “MLM”. We (my wife and I) did eventually join a program which worked for a while. The substantial money we made didn’t keep coming. This is where the problem is: If the Pay Plan actually works, you’ll eventually see it change, because if it “works” it is not sustainable. It is like building a house on sand.

3. Run from “Shopping” Programs.

These also involve getting your friends involved. They “sound good”, but don’t go there!

4. Run from: “Totally Turn-Key” Turkeys.

We humans are such suckers for anything which we think will make us substantial money while we do nothing for it. What is up with that? If those things work so well, why aren’t the people selling them just doing them? The problem with all the turn-key website deals is it takes time and money to get people to visit the website. For example? I wrote an eBook which makes a little money online. How? I pay Google and others for “the clicks”. How much? $4,000 a month! Yes, it works because the book “nets” about $2,500 a month. However (and here’s the rub) it took my very smart, net savvy son a lot of time just to make the $4,000 actually work. If I had paid him to do it, I would have lost money.

The key to home business success (in my opinion) is offline combined with online. Before you spend “dollar one” you’ll need to find a wonderful product which is deeply desired by droves of people, or you’ll need to develop a service, or learn a skill which has very high demand. By doing this, you can build a solid “real” business which will build wealth for you and your family.